21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art

21st century museum

21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa is a contemporary art museum located next to Kenroku-en and Kanazawa castle. Their exhibitions are not only from Kanazawa but also all over Japan and all over the world.
If you like contemporary art, you should not miss it, but you should be aware that you might want to stay whole a day in the museum. Planning your itinerary in advance is recommended.
Their exhibition is not free, however they have admission free zone.


21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art

The architecture is very unique. Even if you are not interested in contemporary art, it is worthwhile. The building is 112.5 metres in diameter with glass wall.

Swimming pool

21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art

In the middle of the museum, actually it is an admission free zone, there is a swimming pool in which people are walking around. You also can go down to the pool though you need an admission.
You will see the trick when you go there.


They have comfy toilet and big coin lockers, so you can leave the baggage here before going to Kenroku-en.
The museum shop is nice, too.


21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art is located across Kenroku-en garden. By Kanazawa loop bus, the closest bus stop is Hirosaka garden (clockwise : RL9, counterclockwise : LL8).