How to get to Kanazawa

On 14th March 2015, Shinkansen, a high speed train connects Tokyo and Kanazawa and it will take only 2.5 hours from Tokyo. There is one shinkansen from Tokyo per hour.
From Kyoto, it also takes 2.5 hours and there is one limited express train per hour.
From Takayama, bus via Shirakawa-go is convenient.

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Regular bus in Kanazawa

The regular buses going to tourist attractions run frequently. All the buses going to majour tourist attractions depart from east exit in Kanazawa station.
All tourist attractions are covered by the regular buses and they are within ten stops from Kanazawa station.

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Get around Kanazawa by loop bus

Kanazawa is not too big city and easy to look around.
All tourist attraction is within 3km from Kanazawa station.
There is no train in the city but bus covers all touristic places. TOurists bus called Kanazawa loop bus is very useful. You can take a bus as much as you want with 500yen one day pass.

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