About me

Hello, I’m Gene. I am a tour guide working in Kanazawa. I started a tour guide in 2010. Since then, I show more than a hundred travellers the city of Kanazawa. I didn’t have enough knowledge before becoming a tour guide, however my knowledge was improved a lot thanks to traveller because they asked many questions – history, culture, food and even normal life. Now I have enough knowledge to guide the city of Kanazawa.

About website

By using this knowledge, I decided to built this website to let you know more about Kanazawa, which is not known among foreign tourists but which still has excellent offer to see.
Another reason why I built this website is;
On March 2014, shinkansen, a high speed train, will start operating and that will connect Tokyo and Kanazawa more shortly – it will take only 2.5 hours. More and more foreign tourists expected be coming, however information about Kanazawa is not enough yet so I decided to build a website in order to provide good information for you.

My aim is to provide the most detailed information about Kanazawa with local person’s point of view and foreign travellers view.
I hope you will like this website and it helps make your itinerary better.

This website is built by Gene, a Kanazawa’s local. Everything is researched by Gene. Some information, such as admission fee and opening hours might change. I will update the information as soon as I noticed the change.

My English is not good enough so there are many grammar mistakes or spell miss, I appreciate if you telling the mistakes in order to improve the website.