Kenrokuen is one of the most famous garden in Japan. Actually, it is said that Kenroku-en is one of the three great garden in Japan. The rest of two are Kouraku-en in Ibaraki and Kairaku-en in Okayama.
So, if you come to Kanazawa, Kenroku-en is a “must-see place”.

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What is Kenroku-en?

Kenroku-en literally means “a garden having six attributes”. Six are spaciousness, seclusion, artificiality, antiquity, abundant water and broad views.
These attributes are essential in a good garden, however to combine all six attributes in a garden is very difficult – spaciousness and seclusion don’t associate. Secluded place is not spacious. If you make lots of waterfall in a garden, the view will be focusing on only waterfall.

During federal samurai period, the garden was owned by lord Maeda family, who governed Kanazawa. After samurai period has finished, Kenroku-en was open to the public.

Place of interest

Kotoji-tourou (琴柱灯篭)

Kotoji tourou is a stone lantern. Stone lantern normally has one, four or five legs, however stone lantern having two legs is rarely seen so this stone lantern is very famous. When it comes to Kanazawa, all tourists are keen to seen it and everyone takes a picture with it. One of pictures of you in Kanazawa should be taken here.

One thing only local people know is that this stone lantern is replica. Longtime ago, a drank guy kicked the Kotoji tourou stone lantern and the lantern was broken.


About 560 pine trees are planted in Kenroku-en garden. This pine tree, Karasaki-no-matsu is one of the most beautiful tree among them. The pine tree was planted for the 13th lord Maeda, Nariyasu. He ordered the seed in Karasaki, beautiful pine tree forest by Lake Biwa.
Not only shape of the tree harmonize with Kasumiga-ike pond behind of the tree are beautiful.

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