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Nomura samurai house | Kanazawa Travel.com

Nomura samurai house

Nomura samurai house in Kanazawa

Nomura samurai house is the only samurai house open to the public in Nagamachi district.
During Edo era (federal samurai period), Nomura family was a middle-classed samurai and worked as a magistrate under Maeda clan, who governed Kanazawa.

I have been there many many times with tourists as a guide. Almost all the tourists like there and some says they even want one. I definitely recommend.
Michelin, one of the famous guidebook followed me that they ranked two star in this samurai house.
An American gardening magazine ranked Nomura’s garden was top 3 ranked Japanese garden in Japan.

Things to see

Traditional fusuma – papered sliding door with masterfully landscape are painted.
Ranma – curving work above paper sliding door.
Japanese alter – decorated with gold leaf.
Calligraphy – even Japanese people cannot read since they are too artificial.
Even nail hider, door nob or old coins is interesting.
And they have a sord museum where you can see calligraphy drawn by samurai.

Joudan-no-ma (上段の間) and Ekken-no-ma (謁見の間)

Joudan no ma is a room for the lord. This room was used only when the lord come to this house. Ekken-no-ma is a waiting literally means audience.

The garden

The garden itself is not big, however just enough size to make you feel to want one.
A beautiful pond in which colorful cape swim, small waterfall, stone lanterns that placed next to waterfall and big trees covered gardens. Everything is beautiful.

Tea room

You can enjoy Japanese green tea (matcha) in the 2nd floor. To respect nature, the tea room is very small. They don’t do a formal tea ceremony, they serve tea as ceremony style however. Enjoy the tea from 2nd floor and seeing down the garden are an amazing experience. You might think you want to live there.


There are two sweat shops next to Nomura house. They sell local sweats. and they have samples for free.


How to get there

Samurai house nomura is located in Nagamachi samurai district by Ono canal. If you can get to Nagamachi samurai district, you can easily find it.
As I mentioned this page, Nagamachi is a bit hard to find though the district is only a couple of streets off from a major road.

Although samurai district is only 5 minutes from the city center, it is a little hard to find. The place is a couple of streets off from a major street national road 159.
By bus from Kanazawa station, it takes 10 minutes. The closest bust stop from Nagamachi district is Kourinbo (LL3). There are many buses going to Korinbo. I suggest Kanazawa loop bus (counterclockwise).
The closest bus stop is RL14, Kouribo if you take a clockwise one.  From the bus stop, walk to north east for 300m and you will get to samurai district.
The bus comes every 15 minutes and service is from 8:30am to 6:50pm.

It doesn't take 30 minutes even if you walk from Kanazawa station.


〒920-0865 石川県金沢市長町1丁目3番32号
1-3-32 Nagamachi, Kanazawa, Ishikawa zip920-0865

Hours and Fees

Hours 8:30am to 5:30pm (April to September)
8:30am to 4:30pm (Octobe to March)
Closed 26th December and 287th December
Entrance-fee 500yen